Aw, Here It Goes!

I’ll lose weight next year or I’m going to start running next week, false promises that future YOU makes to present YOU and never follows through on. What a jerk.  I’m going to write mine down. I have never had major health issues; sure I’m a bit overweight but nothing extreme. I’ve always been ok with my body, and with my sense of self. It’s hard to motivate yourself to change for the best when you’re content with okay, and let’s face it change is hard and scary and for later… right?

I was recently diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is apparently more common than one would be led to believe. It’s exactly what it sounds like and can have some serious repercussions if left alone, heart disease, type II diabetes and infertility. None of those are okay anymore, and surprisingly that last one was the kicker. I’ve taken a drastic turn from complacent to severely worried and unhappy with how I’m treating myself. Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are ways that some people have seen improvements in this condition. So I’m going to do something about it instead of just bitch, although I’m sure there will be some bitching too.

My plan is to document this change. It’ll probably be slow and I’m sure I’ll mess up but no one’s perfect. I’m going to eat better, smaller portioned food and not get sucked in by the whirring modern-day traps… I’m looking at you McDonald’s monopoly.  The first step I guess would be learning to feed myself on something other than microwavable pizza and Jimmy John’s subs. I’m also going to exercise.  I want to run in the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and not be the one who gets showed up by the guy in the full body turkey suit who is running it for fun because he can. Anyways, I don’t profess to be any kind of expert on the best way to be healthy. I’m just going to do it my way, because that’s the only way that will last in the long run.

So in the immortal words of Kel Mitchell, “Aw, Here it goes!”


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