Roll It Up

Step one: put food in mouth. Actually as it turns out step one is scouring the Internet for food that you can possibly make without burning down your apartment. I watched my mom make lasagna once so let’s start there.

I found a website that clearly explained how to make spinach lasagna rolls; they looked good but also clever for maintaining portion size.

I’ve never actually been a meat lasagna fan anyways, which is totally weird because meat is awesome! It took me entirely too long at Publix to find all ingredients, I had to go down isles I don’t normally venture into. Apparently ricotta cheese is not with the other cheeses it’s with the yogurts, go figure. I went with whole-wheat pasta, part skim cheeses, organic spinach and eggs, and regular tomato sauce (it was only 99 cents).

Prepping things went slowly, which was fine. I managed to follow the recipe and get it into the oven without mishap. Eventually 4 hours after deciding what to make for dinner and 3 hours later than my usual dinnertime I had 8 lasagna rolls that came out to about 280 calories a roll. They even tasted good. The only thing I would emphasize is to make sure you serve it with tomato sauce on the plate like it says.

I know I know, great story but screen shot or it didn’t happen… TADAH proof!



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