BMI- progress for the sake of progress

So I’ve been eating better for about two weeks now (I’ll get to the exercising, one thing at a time for now). I’m starting to feel some improvement and my scale is reflecting that. I know typically it’s easier to lose weight the first couple weeks but I’m going to take this as encouraging and run with it (figuratively, actual running will ensue…soon).

I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh or what my goal weight is because, I don’t have to. I’m going to use BMI instead because we need some sort of numerical system to function.  Two weeks ago I was at a body mass index of 31. If you look at the BMI tables that’s right over the line between overweight and obese (‘Merica). Today it was at 30.2. Improvement. Slight, but whatever. I need encouragement where I can get it so I don’t drive through and get a big mac or hot fudge sundae.

I’ve been sticking with my ~1,600 calories a day, most days its pretty simple. I’m trying not to get upset with myself for minor slips. Eat smaller portions more often yadda yadda. All-in-all I’m feeling okay. The ball is rolling and it’s moving in the right direction. The real test is yet to come.


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