Motivation: The Valentine’s Challenge

My biggest problem is getting started. I feel like I’ve been trying to get the ball rolling for some time now. Too long now. So I’ve got a few ideas to keep me going once I start so I don’t backslide every other month.

I suggested over lunch today that my boyfriend and I strike up a bet. We’ve tried the whole being friends on the weight loss app thing and I just don’t want to be the naggy girlfriend who says, “honey, your eating to much.” I don’t think that healthy.  We both can lose a few lbs and we both want to but motivation is hard to come by. So we’re making it into a game, that’s totally up our alley. We play games all the time; you know board games with our friends. Here are the stakes: Whoever can lose the highest percentage of weight by Valentines Day pays for tickets for a Valentine’s trip to Disney.  We both weighed ourselves at the same time on the same scale wrote it down and put it in a sealed envelope. I’m calling it the Valentine’s challenge and I’m totally going to win.

So the next step is eating right consistently and making my way back to the gym. I don’t hate working out that much once I get into a routine but damn I hate the gym. Seriously it’s a room surrounded by mirrors and shared with other people, I’d be more apt to go if no one could see me doing it, not even me.

Sidebar: I’m a voracious reader, I just love books. I’m usually reading more than one and they just go so fast. I spend probably half of my free time reading.

So when I was pondering how to get myself to go back to the gym I figured I’d take a book. It’s worked in the past, reading and using the stationary bike. So I bought a book by one of my favorite authors, Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. It’s a book that through recommendation I know will be one I wont want to put down, the kind of book you stay up until 3 AM to finish. And that’s the twist, I’m not allowed to read it unless I’m exercising.  I have faith that this will work, I can stick to that rule and all will be well. I just got back from the first night back at the gym, did 30 minutes on the bike and I feel okay. Not quite an exhilarating endorphins rush, and I know I’m out of shape when the nineteen steps back up to my apartment was hard to do. But It’s a start and a step toward victory!! Hehe.


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