Fish are friends … and food!

First a little background. I am a marine biologist. I study sharks and other fishes and know a lot about commercial fisheries worldwide. Generally they are awfully managed, barely enforced and depleting the oceans at terrible rates… but I am not going to rant about that here. However it is my basis for not eating seafood despite all the evidence that fish are a very healthy source of protein. This is notto say I never eat fish, because when I catch my own fish you better believe I devour it… because I Love Fish!

I have made a wonderful discovery! In my quest to find more natural and organic foods I stumbled upon a store called Nutrition ‘smart. This place is awesome. Hands down the best part between all the gluten free, all natural organic hippie food was the shinning gem that is sustainably caught seafood!

When you look at the aisle of tuna in a regular supermarket they all say dolphin safe tuna, what they neglect to mention is all the other fish, sharks and turtles besides tuna thatalso get killed (sorry that got ranty). This breaks my heart. But now that I can get my hands on line caught tuna (no by-catch) I can eat tuna sandwiches to my hearts content, without a guilty conscience. Hell yeah low calorie filling and delicious lunches!


But that isn’t even the best of it. Tonight for dinner I made Asian ginger salmon and white rice. I know right! Iam still so excited! The salmon was wild caught Alaskan salmonthat hada picture of the boat on the box! (deep breath) You just thaw the salmon, marinade, and cook. This was only the second time I cooked fish for myself and it tasted damn good. Dinner, which was probably too much food but I ate it all out of shear excitement, was about 700 calories. The white rice was organic and I opted out of the tablespoon of butter since the marinade was flavorful enough.

asian ginger salmon

I’m glad to have discovered a healthy source of protein that I can eat without feeling bad about myself. I think this is really going to get me more excited about cooking food instead of ordering it. Not to mention diversify the, albeit expanding, but still very small repertoire of dinners I know how to make.


Roll It Up

Step one: put food in mouth. Actually as it turns out step one is scouring the Internet for food that you can possibly make without burning down your apartment. I watched my mom make lasagna once so let’s start there.

I found a website that clearly explained how to make spinach lasagna rolls; they looked good but also clever for maintaining portion size.

I’ve never actually been a meat lasagna fan anyways, which is totally weird because meat is awesome! It took me entirely too long at Publix to find all ingredients, I had to go down isles I don’t normally venture into. Apparently ricotta cheese is not with the other cheeses it’s with the yogurts, go figure. I went with whole-wheat pasta, part skim cheeses, organic spinach and eggs, and regular tomato sauce (it was only 99 cents).

Prepping things went slowly, which was fine. I managed to follow the recipe and get it into the oven without mishap. Eventually 4 hours after deciding what to make for dinner and 3 hours later than my usual dinnertime I had 8 lasagna rolls that came out to about 280 calories a roll. They even tasted good. The only thing I would emphasize is to make sure you serve it with tomato sauce on the plate like it says.

I know I know, great story but screen shot or it didn’t happen… TADAH proof!